GNOME Partition Editor

How to help

You can help the GParted project and all the people that use GParted in many different ways.


Share GParted with friends and family.
More people using GParted means more perspectives, opinions, and ideas for us to learn how we can improve GParted for everyone.


Publish your experiences with GParted.
Publishing how you solved partitioning challenges enables more users to overcome similar hurdles.

Participate in Forums

Participating in forums enables you to provide and receive help from other users.
The forums are the first place to ask and receive support.
This is also the place to ask for and discuss new features.
Sign up and join the fun in the forum.

Report Bugs

Report bugs that you encounter.
Properly filed bugs are a great help while developing software and enable us to improve the quality of the software.
See the bugs page for viewing and reporting bugs.

Translate Language

Translating GParted to your language is a valuable task that enables even more people to comfortably use GParted.
Learn more about the GNOME Translation Project which manages language translation for GNOME applications like GParted.
View also the status of GParted language translation.


Testing the functionality of GParted, reporting bugs, and discussing problems is a huge help to developing robust software.
Discussions on testing take place in the Testers forum.

Develop Patches

Fixing bugs, implementing new features, or addressing 'FIXME' and 'TODO' comments in the code can be great contributions to the GParted project.

To minimize the chance of duplicate efforts, please contact Curtis Gedak before embarking on significant code changes.

See also the development page.

Make a Donation

Another big way to help us to make GParted better is to make a donation to the GParted project. For details on donations please refer to our donations page.

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