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GParted Live Manual
Install on USB
Install on PXE Server
Install on Hard Disk
Add Packages in GParted Live
Create GParted Live from Scratch
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Why Partition your Disk Device?
How-to Fix Invalid MSDOS Partition Tables


Manage Partitions with GParted How-to

Manage Partitions with GParted How-to is a practical, hands-on guide providing you with step-by-step instructions to effectively organize your hard drive.

For more details and a sample chapter from the book, see Moving space between partitions.

For book reviews, see,,, and

Third Party Docs

Howto Guides (Old)

LarryT created some of the first documentation for GParted, which was last updated on 06/01/2007 and is no longer maintained. See: TuxFamily GParted-LiveCD documentation

Related Docs

A collection of documents I used while working on several aspects of gparted.

(lib)parted documentation
Large Disk HOWTO
Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory
Comparison of filesystems
Master Boot Record
Extended Boot Record
GUID Partition Table
All the Details of many versions of both MBR (Master Boot Records) and OS Boot Sectors (also called: Volume Boot Records)
The FAT32 Boot Record under Windows™ 2000, XP and 7
MSWIN4.1 OS Boot Record
NTFS Boot Record Secrets
GNU GRUB - GRUB 2 and GRUB Legacy
The EFI System Partition and the Default Boot Behavior
UEFI boot: how does that actually work, then?

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