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GParted News Item 159

19 March 2013: GParted 0.15.0

The big news with this release is the ability to track live updates of command execution progress. This should help with determining the status of long running commands by enabling users to see the live command output in the details section of the apply operations window. This new ability is implemented by a fundamental code change that spawns commands to run asynchronously. Also included in this release are bug fixes and language translation updates.

Key changes include:
  • Live tracking of command progress output in the details log
  • Move operations are twice as fast as prior versions
  • Proper cancel support added
  • Volume label length now based on file system type
  • Unallocated space is selected by default
  • New key bindings added:
    - Insert --> New Partition
    - Ctrl+Enter --> Apply All Operations
See the Release Notes for more details.

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