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GParted News Item 207

14 February 2017: GParted 0.28.0

This release adds partial read-write support for LUKS encrypted file systems. GParted can't create, open or close LUKS encryption volumes; however it can copy, resize and manipulate file systems inside open LUKS volumes and move closed LUKS volumes. (Resizing requires Linux kernel >= 3.6 and libparted >= 3.2 for online partition resizing).

Also included are bug fixes and language translation updates.


You are strongly advised to backup your data before editing partitions as a failure can lead to data loss. This is especially true for encrypted data where all of the data can become permanently inaccessible after a failure. Please refer to the Cryptsetup FAQ for backup and recovery advice of encrypted data.

Key changes include:
  • Implement LUKS read-write actions NOT requiring a passphrase
  • Add detection of iso9660 file system
See the Release Notes for more details.

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